ScandinaviaBox is your US gateway to Scandinavia. We are bringing the taste, feel and smell of Scandinavia straight to your front door.

Our boxes are filled with Scandinavian culture & traditions - old & new!

When getting one of our boxes delivered it will make you feel like you were in Scandinavia. Our explanations of the items & their importance in the culture will make you learn more by every box.


SWEDEN IN A BOX! OMG! Can't wait for the next box!

Anneli W.

A B O U T   U S

The Scandinavia Box was born from the idea that everyone with an interest and love for Scandinavia can take part in our traditions. 

We created multiple subscription boxes to fit all your needs whether you are interested in a Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian Heritage Box filled with classic products that will bring anyone back to their favorite Scandinavian country, or if you just want to have some Scandinavian candy and snacks to your door once a month - we have the box for you!

All products have been carefully handpicked by us and many products support Scandinavian businesses and brands in the United States.